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Skin Resurfacing Benefit

Our products delivers dramatic skin resurfacing benefits, no more open pores, scars and stubborn acne.

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Whitens, even out overall skin color, intensely eliminate and prevent formation of pigmentation.

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Skin undoubtedly look fresh, healthy and glowingly radiant.

26 January 2013

Pengumuman / Announcement

Berkuatkuasa 26 Jan 2013, Ms Aida VOC telah meletak jawatan sebagai distributor/pengedar sah produk Miracle Tab EX. Agent-agent dan pelanggan dibawah beliau boleh menghubungi distributor atau agent lain untuk pembalian, restock atau dropship. List distributor/agent klik disini. Warga kerja Miracle Tab EX mengucapkan terima kasih atas sumbangan beliau selama ini dan we wish you all the best luck :D - Harap Maklum.

16 January 2013

Pencarian Queen of Miracle Tab

NEW!!! EX Perfect Radiance Illuminating Day Cream with SPF50/PA++

EX Perfect Radiance Illuminating Day Cream with SPF50/PA++

This exquisite skin’s guardian angel provides invisible daily protection against environmental aggressors.  With Broad Spectrum SPF 50, this Perfect Radiance Illuminating Day Cream helps guard against both UVA and UVB rays to reduce age spots, fine lines and correct uneven skin tone. Revives your radiance, brightens instantly.

Contains two layers of the EX Luminance Particles concentration, our miracle in creating your skin inner light. Luminance Particles technology that acts to reflect light can give the skin its maximum glow, as well as preventing cell’s darkening from occurs. the light reflecting -based cosmetic technology is very popular among famous makeup artists in creating luminous glow to the celeb’s face. EX Perfect Radiance Illuminating Day Cream’s Luminance Particles creates a veil on skin, which continuously capture and reflects light, thus creating high skin translucency that radiates from within. Instant brighteners, prevent dullness & create glow, all day long.

This multi-tasking day cream prepares skin perfectly for makeup. EX’s Luminance Particles spread on the skin to produce a continuous, illuminating effect, while adding subtle contours and radiance to the face. Immediately, every skin tone lights up with perfection for a shadow-free flawless complexion.

To maximize the radiance and illuminating function, use this cream under foundation / 2 way cake / loose or pressed powder.

All skin types
No Hydroquinone, Steroids and mercury
No animal source

Use in AM / daytime
Step: EX Brightening Cleansing Bar – HD Glow Essence – HD Advanced Whitening Fluid – EX Perfect Radiance Illuminating Day Cream with SPF50/PA++ - Foundation/makeup/powder

Selling Price: RM80 / 20gm / Jar