21 September 2012

Introducing, our latest star product: EX UPC SF :D

Ultimate  Perfecting Complex SF
A must have for prefect flawless beauty

These amazing formulas provide multiple benefits for all skin types, to all skin concerns. Instantly, skin look fresh and healthy and radiant.
Within a week, skin immediately refreshed, have doubled protection against UVA & UVB, prevents and flush the formation of toxins in the body and organs. Acne is reduced dramatically. Wrinkles, pigmentation & scars are fading, cellulite & orange peel skin is now much smoother, pores appear smaller and, skin is now tighter as the elasticity improved.
Within 30 days skin look remarkably flawless, astonishingly fair, extremely glowing and amazingly radiant.
Overtime, UPC SF will stimulates hair growth & strengthen nails, prevent and treat skin diseases, improving the structure and problematic skin conditions as well as optimize overall health.


Skin Whitening & Restore Skin Brilliance
Whitens & even out overall skin color, intensely eliminate & prevent formation of pigmentation.

Anti Ageing
Reduce wrinkles, eliminate fine lines & dry patches, tighten skin, increase skin elasticity & protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays and environmental hazards.

Anti Acne
Eliminate stubborn acne and shrink skin pores and reduce sebum.

Skin Resurfacing
Delivers dramatic skin resurfacing benefits, no more open pores, cellulite, scars & orange peel skin.

Prevent Hair Loss
Stimulate growth, delivers vital nutrient for lustrous & shining hairs

Optimizing Health
Boost immune system, anti-stress & depression.

Halal. No Animal Source.

To Use:
Direct oral intake. Open sachet. Slowly, pour directly into mouth and enjoy this delicious fruity beauty supplement.

1 Box 30 Sachets (5g each)

Selling Price RM180/box