Tiada Lagi Masalah Jerawat Kronik

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Parut Jerawat Berkurangan Secara Dramatik

Hanya dengan UPC, RA dan Set Skincare Miracle EX

Skin Resurfacing Benefit

Our products delivers dramatic skin resurfacing benefits, no more open pores, scars and stubborn acne.

Mencerahkan Kulit Secara Keseluruhan

Whitens, even out overall skin color, intensely eliminate and prevent formation of pigmentation.

Tiada Lagi Parut 'Chicken-Pox'

Skin undoubtedly look fresh, healthy and glowingly radiant.

19 July 2011

Cik Anita: Celebrity, TVC Model - a firm beliver in Tab EX, Soap & HD :D

Just joining us as our agent :D can get miracle tabs from her too now :D
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08 July 2011

Latest Discovery: Proven Sucess

can your skincare or makeup remove chickenpox permanently? Latest discovery – Tab EX, Tab Soap & TabHD is the first to have proven success in eliminating chickenpox, burned and other scars, repairing texture for flawless skin, while whitens skin from deep inside, reflecting superb radiance and glow… Get it now or regret later, talk to our distributors & agent on your flawlessly glowing transformation..


01 July 2011

TabHD RM80/50ml/bottle

Dear valued customers & glowingly gorgeous Tabiens, starting 1 July 2011 (today) price for TabHD Hydrating Glow Essence is back to normal at RM80/50ml/bottle.