Tiada Lagi Masalah Jerawat Kronik

Perubahan dapat dilihat dalam sepantas 2 minggu

Parut Jerawat Berkurangan Secara Dramatik

Hanya dengan UPC, RA dan Set Skincare Miracle EX

Skin Resurfacing Benefit

Our products delivers dramatic skin resurfacing benefits, no more open pores, scars and stubborn acne.

Mencerahkan Kulit Secara Keseluruhan

Whitens, even out overall skin color, intensely eliminate and prevent formation of pigmentation.

Tiada Lagi Parut 'Chicken-Pox'

Skin undoubtedly look fresh, healthy and glowingly radiant.

29 December 2010

dah cerah & pinksih yey!

mata lebih bersinar :)

asma dah ok, jerawat dah tak naik

Miracle in a week

26 December 2010

Lebam no more :)

Halus N berseri

Lebih Muda (40 jadik 20'ies hehe)

Lebih bertenaga & stress free (kulit pun cantik)

14 December 2010

Halus, cerah, gebu.. less than 3 weeks :)

Macam2 dah guna, TAB still the best !

13 December 2010

Fungsi TAB EX: Memperbaiki Struktur Kulit

Fungsi TAB EX: Menghalang Keguguran Rambut & Kebotakan

Fungsi TAB EX: Anti Penuaan (anti kedut, lebih tegang & segar)

TAB EX plays a large role as an antioxidant in the body. Antioxidants, of course, are the body’s best defense against free radicals, which are the main cause of age-related problems with the body, including oxidative damage. If the body can better prevent free radicals from raising havoc from within, it will remain viable and healthy for a much longer period of time. Because glutathione in TAB EX is the most powerful and important antioxidant, higher levels of glutathione lead to less wear and tear on the body by free radicals, effectively slowing the rate of aging of the body.

Fungsi TAB EX: Anti Jerawat/Acne/Blackheads

Natural GSH (TAB EX component 50mg) is produced in the liver from the peptide linking of the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and gamma-glutamic acid, glutathione is used by nearly every cell in the body to reduce free radicals and prevent environmental damage. This is especially important to the immune system, which bears the brunt of many of the attacks the human body faces on a daily basis.

The body’s immune system has a difficult job to do. It must accurately assess whether a foreign substance is potentially harmful, and react accordingly. Sometimes, as in asthma, arthritis, and auto-immune disorders, some confusion can occur and the immune system enacts a response when one is not necessary. One of the primary defence mechanisms typically employed is inflammation, such as breakouts and acne.

Fungsi TAB EX: Mencerahkan Kulit Dari Dalam

Many cultures cherish light, glowing skin. skin is prized in Asian cultures because it means you don’t work in the fields all day in the sun, even Beyonce had her skin color lightened.  Celebrities are certainly endorsing the appearance benefits of lighter, healthier looking skin. dark acne scars, age spots, unwanted freckles, or dark underarms, Tab EX  evens the skin tone by removing the excessive pigment. Tab EX achieves this by interfering with melanogenesis. Without the melanin produced through melanogenesis, the skin becomes remarkably lighter. 

Fungsi TAB EX: Merawat & Menghilangkan Pigmentasi

11 December 2010

3 hari untuk bebas jerawat

Cerah Berseri - keajaiban Tab EX!

Confirm Muda Semula Dgn Tab EX !

Janji setia bersama Tab EX :)

Lebih carah & yakin - hubby kata powerrrrr !!!

08 December 2010

Result with pigmentation

06 December 2010

More Satisfied Testi