11 November 2010

Glutathione – an Integral Constituent of Skin Whitening Pills

Expert Advice: " Go for these skin whitening pills in their reduced forms, and experience how it feels to wear a skin with that “celebrity” tag on it!" - 

wonder why Tab EX so potent? because it is in reduced glutathione!"

Glutathione pills…never heard of it? Ok, skin whitening pills? I’m sure you’re quite familiar with this one, so much so, that there may be a few readers out there who must have had had bitter experiences trying out some of those over-the-counter skin whitening pills and creams and supplements. But if you’ve found your way to this article, rest assured you’ll no longer fall a prey to any of such scams!

Ever gave a thought as to what may be the secret behind the skin tone of most the Indian or Asian celebrities? In a tropical climate, wherein almost 85% of the populace is going around wearing tanned skin textures, how do the celebrities manage to get their hands on such beautiful and uniquely light-shaded skin? Funny thing is if you ever get a chance to take a look at the childhood snaps of some of these top-rated model-turned celebs, you’ll also get to see the skin color being portrayed out there; a skin, much darker and brunette compared to what they’re wearing and featuring to date. And this skin tone camouflaging has been made possible courtesy the skin whitening pills.

A succinct scientific explanation – Glutathione, an excellent anti-oxidant garnering numerous benefits to human body, is nothing but the proportion of amino acid present in the cells that works on sustaining the general health of a person. And amidst the other benefits, Glutathione alleviates your skin color, thus catering as a skin whitening solution too.

Glutathione pills are swarming the souk these days. As per prescriptions, these drugs are meant for oral consumption, similar to any other mainstream medicine available in the market. Amino acid being one of the key constituents of these skin tone lightening tablets, the group of specialized clinical researchers feel that it’s completely safe to pop these pills. A super anti-oxidant, the glutathione pills chip in to enhancing and maintaining the general well-being by strengthening the immune system and aiding in the smooth functioning of the other anti-oxidants present in the body. It is the presence of Vitamin C that makes the skin smooth to touch and free of all blemishes and eruptions, bummer pigmentations and wrinkles. In fact, doctors do also claim that these pills even take charge of controlling diabetes and also some of the nervous disorders.

Pic from: http://www.freewebs.com/whitening/faq.htm

Still felling apprehensive? Unleash your qualms, as it’s a product that you can bet on. Going by expert opinion, glutathione pills are very much safe to consume and do not contain any such bleaching agents or chemicals that may turn out to be detrimental to human health. So why let the climate take a toll on your skin color and texture? Go for these skin whitening pills in their reduced forms, and experience how it feels to wear a skin with that “celebrity” tag on it!

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